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Protect Yourself Shop, and Compare Prices

Prior to, there was no pricing transparency. Now when your current supplier or broker offers to renew your contract, request the pricing in writing, verify there are no hidden recurring fees and then use to learn if the offer to you was fair.

Why not compare the price offered with based suppliers. Excellent fixed rates for residential and small commercial customers are on offer. Competitive auction based pricing is available without obligation for larger accounts. If your current supplier has the lowest offer, great, you know what to do. However, if a supplier has the lowest offer, why wouldn’t you switch?

Your local regulated utility company, Commonwealth Edison, will continue to deliver power to your account regardless of the energy supplier you choose.

Who Can You Trust

In today’s energy market with prices at historic lows, your supplier’s offer to maintain or slightly reduce rates for existing customers may not be not a fair deal. Your supplier will not tell you that the rate offered is above market. Still with ComEd? The rates for Residential and 0-100kWh class commercial accounts are routinely bettered by competitive suppliers. The ComEd default rate changes every May making budgeting hard and exposing your account to potential price increase next May. With ComEdDiscount you can secure 12, 24 & 36 month supply contracts at a great fixed price.

Beware of Dynamic Pricing

In 2014, The Consumer Federation of American released a Consumer Alert: “WARNING: Your Insurance Company May Raise Your Auto and Home Insurance Rates if They Think You Won’t Shop Around.” The CFA noted that companies used “price elasticity of demand” research – which incorporates sophisticated market analyses to determine which customers would be likely to accept price increases and which customers, in the face of an increase, would shop around. This enables companies to predict whether or not they could get away with charging certain groups of customers higher rates. The consumer groups noted that customers – who have fewer market options due to geography, time available and financial literacy, tend to shop less . Don’t let this happen to you, don’t be fooled, use

Additional Utility Discount Information

Green Energy

Renewable Energy Certificates
Renewable Energy CertificatesNot all Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) are created equally.

Energy Deregulation

Freedom to Choose Your Energy Supplier
Freedom to Choose Your Energy SupplierDeregulation of the electricity market is now a reality in thirteen states.

Energy Contracts

Energy Contracts
Energy ContractsHelping the consumer understand Energy Contracts.

How Electricity is Created

How Electricity Is Created
How Electricity Is CreatedA step by step process of how electricity is created.